I came, I saw, I conquered.

10311033_720522231348065_251176739_aCan’t believe I actually did it. I put this on my bucket list as a ‘complete by 25’ but on Sunday, April 27, I completed a half marathon. I signed up with only two months to train and ran the hell out of those 13 point 1 miles around DC and accomplished my goal. Two hours and two minutes of nonstop running.

Now that the utter disbelief is subsiding, here’s a few lessons learned:

  • It’s all mental. You’re capable of anything you put your mind to (as if you haven’t heard that before).
  • Honey stingers (or any type of energy chews) are your best friend.
  • If you want a quick way to make a lot of friends, join a run crew. Everyone comes in at varying levels of speed but the great thing about running is that everyone’s on an equal field as long as you just keep moving forward.
  • For my personal goal, I kinda set a time that I wanted to come in under, but my bigger goal was to never stop running, and that says more about my growth than any time on a clock.
  • Don’t go to the first water station and don’t take the first cup at any water station. It’s a lot less crowded near the back.
  • Ahhhh push it. Ahhhh push it… Move that dope. When that came on around mile 10, I grabbed an honey stinger and pumped my arms. Whooo good music will keep you going.
  • Finding the right shoes (flyknit lunar 2 for me), socks, outfit, arm band, hair style is so key. One small item of discomfort can throw off your entire run.
  • Look down and miss the view. In terms of posture, confidence and not getting ran over by speedy gonzales times 10.
  • My dad always taught me you should have enough energy to run up hills and run to the finish. Make sure you hold some reserve for the key moments that make you feel like chopping off your legs.
  • The spectator signs were definitely my favorite part of the race. “You run better than healthcare.gov” takes the cake for me.

I kept telling everyone how stupid I was for signing up for a half with such little time to train plus the fact that I have never ever been a runner. But I didn’t know my decision to start running could motivate so many others. Now I have a lot of friends telling me they started running because they saw I could do it, asking me how to train for a half, and saying they feel like they can accomplish their fitness goals, too. I hope my small victories can make you see that nothing is really impossible, it’s only a matter of deciding you can do it and putting that plan into action.


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