Brunch Queen takes Shaw’s Tavern

I’m not sure exactly when or how it happened, but I’ve become obsessed with brunch, a connoisseur if you will. Mimage (2)aybe it was the lack of food options for morning-after recaps in a college town that forced us to pick breakfast or lunch for the admittedly indecisive. And sometimes, eggs just aren’t what you need. But, it’s the best, most pointless meal ever and DC has capitalized the hell off of it. And I have gladly given dozens of restaurants my money for the experience. So, I guess I’ve kinda become a guru on places to brunch in DC but there’s still so many to try. My one rule: I never go to the same place twice, because why? I have a whole city to explore. So this is the beginning of many brunch reviews. While I love a good bottomless, great food conquers all. IMG_8607 This past weekend, one of my best friends from college came into town and what better way to catch up than waffles, burgers and mimosas. I took her to Shaw’s Tavern. I was curious about this lowkey spot that I ran past a few times and wanted to learn more. Happy to say it was totally worth the trip. The mimosas were served in these tall skinny glasses and my glass was never empty (anything less automatically results in a drop in ranking from me). We came in the early afternoon, so the mimosas had wayyyy too much pulp for my liking and didn’t taste very strong. I’m a little weary of the champagne to orange juice ratio. I always err on the side of clear mimosas, but as you can see, Shaw’s Tavern wasn’t as generous. But, they made up for everything with their menu and food. Never heard or even thought I would encourage someone to order cphotoornbread waffles, and my curiosity paid off. It’s the perfect match with crispy breaded chicken. I almost want to go back, just looking at it, but I’ll probably try to copy it at home. And the open faced burger with ketchup hollandaise… I could go on for the rest of the post about how well it was cooked. A little messy, but it didn’t take away a bit from it’s deliciousness. And the hashbrowns had pieces of pork in it! Such a nice surprise.

It’s definitely a spot worth checking out for either brunch or happy hour, though I recommend going early for brunch, unless you like a little bit of champagne with your pulp. Sad to say they didn’t have the comedy show like promised on their schedule but it’s definitely a place I’d recommend as a quieter brunch venue with a great patio made for people watching. You won’t get the crowds of U St but it’s a 10 minute walk away if you’re looking for a turn up.

image image (1)








P.S. General brunch tip, if anyone tells you to go to Tap & Parlour, they’re not your friend and don’t want you to succeed in life.


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