Just do it.

It shouldn’t take a new year or a birthday to revisit your goals or vow to make changes in your life. My friend sent me this 30 Challenges for 30 Days post as inspiration to create a better tomorrow. Well, challenge accepted. I’m starting off with one3785018f9e447e5904acec31a1ec7a89 of the “intermediate” tasks, though I’d label it as nearly impossible. *sleep*

EARLY RISER. *jazz hands*

Ever since I got into running, morning runs have been a special treat. The streets are quieter, the weather is breezier, especially in this summer humidity, and it’s a boost of energy to start the day. Unfortunately, my desire to wake up early for these runs and my ability to actually drag myself out of bed and out the door in time to make my run worthwhile has come across some obstacles, namely laziness. Not only for fitness, but waking up early allows me to get a head start on the day, more time to get ready in the morning, watch the news, read a book, inhale coffee, etc.

I’ve bookmarked article after list after video on the benefits of early mornings and how to become apart of the elite group of people who start their day before sunrise, yet here I am. Still in bed at 8 a.m.

Well, that’s changing. My goal is to wake up by 6:30 a.m. every weekday for the month of August. Any tips, morning phone calls, words of encouragement are welcome.


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